Expertise and Experience is the Difference …

My name is Alex Mims and I’m the president of Mortgage Xpress, LLC in State of Alabama with License number, MB22348 and NMLS#1579293. Although the company is new, I’m a seasoned senior mortgage broker with over 17 years of experience in originating residential mortgages with my previous mortgage company, Mortgage Factory. I’ve helped thousands of Alabamian home owners to achieve their dream of home ownership by assisting them in purchases and financing of their first home, investment properties or to cash out for other financial reasons.
As a mortgage broker licensed by State of Alabama Banking Department, Bureau of Loans, did you know that mortgage brokers have a fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interest not their own?
At Mortgage Xpress we take that responsibility very seriously. You can rely on our honesty and the strong desire to exceed your expectation and go beyond the call of duty to deliver the results you are looking for.

What separates us from our competitors?

  • Exceptionally fast, efficient and secure technology for Xpress closing.
  • Multiple lending sources yielding better pricing for you.
  • “Float Downs” option available on many products.
  • “No cost” or “Low cost” refinancing options.
  • Everything is done in house on most loans. No out sourcing and delays by third parties.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, dependable, innovative and Industry Expert with a desire to improve lives by creating financial stability.
  • Impressive proven track record for complete transparency.
  • Also as a licensed Real Estate Broker, I understand the importance of contracts, contract negotiations and how best to tailor the sales contract to fit the loan requirements, underwriting conditions and guidelines.
  • I’m a certified credit counselor; therefore, I provide top notch credit repair and counseling services to my clients to improve their credit score for a better interest rate on their mortgages and more…
  • Finally, as a licensed Home builder, I offer my assistance and expertise in this area to my clients in the form of recommendation and fine pointers on their home inspection report or other questions that may have about their dream home.

In conclusion, I’m what you would consider a “one stop shop” for all your residential real estate needs! By rendering any one of my services, you will have access to all of my vast knowledge in other areas of my expertise for Free!
I’m here when you are ready to make your move to buy your dream home, achieve your financial goals or to answer any question that you may have in the areas of Real Estate and Mortgage Industries.
So, pick up the phone and call me to get started on your journey to a Better Financial Life and share my personal secret to THE BEST WAY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!