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If you are currently in the market for purchasing your first home, you may have many questions in regards to how the process works as a whole. One of the most important pieces of information when buying your first home is being able to fully understand exactly what a mortgage is and what it means to receive a mortgage loan. That’s why, during this post, we will outline what a mortgage should mean to you when purchasing your first home, so that you do not make a hasty purchasing decision that could continue to haunt you for years to come.

If you are located in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, and are in need of a qualified mortgage broker to help assist you throughout the process of applying for and receiving a conventional loan, adjustable rate loan, or a variety of other residential home loans, do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Mortgage Xpress. With more than 17 years of expertise in helping both individuals and families finance the home of their dreams, we have the industry knowledge and skills to make obtaining your home loan simple. To learn why...


As a first-time homebuyer, you may be considering your borrowing options for purchasing your new home. If you have researched the types of lending available to first-time homebuyers, you have probably stumbled upon the term “FHA loan.” While FHA loans aren’t perfect, they are a great option which are designed to promote individuals to become homeowners. Throughout this article, we will discuss the benefits of FHA loans so that you may make an informed decision when it comes time to apply for a home loan.

At Mortgage Xpress, we’ve helped countless individuals in Birmingham and its surrounding areas receive mortgage loans at affordable rates for over 30 years. If you are a first-time homebuyer and are searching for an experienced and qualified lender, contact our team of professionals at Mortgage Xpress. We provide residential loans at an affordable interest rate for the satisfaction of our customers. Read more below to learn why applying for an FHA loan is a great choice for first-time homebuyers.


Purchasing your first home may seem like a daunting experience for someone who has never owned a home before. Similar to purchasing a car, there are an endless amount of red flags to look out for, pages upon pages of paperwork that need to be completed, and many things that you may not be experienced enough to pick up on while inspecting your potentially new home. For this reason, we’ve decided to highlight a few major items that you should consider inspecting before purchasing your next home.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, and would like to know how much home you can afford, contact Mortgage Xpress today. We have over 30 years of experience in providing mortgage loans, financing, and lending to individuals in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. To learn about just a few of the things you should look for in your next home, continue reading below.


Becoming a homeowner can be a terrifying proposition for first-time buyers. With so many entry barriers and intricate details to know before buying, it can seem like you’ll never be able to find the right house to suit your needs. That’s why Mortgage Xpress has compiled a list of questions first-time homeowners should consider before moving forward with their purchasing decision. In part one of our multi-part series, we’ll shed light on three basic questions you should ask yourself during the initial stages of looking for a home, so that you don’t make a hasty decision that you may later regret.


How do I determine the level of house I can afford?

Usually, individuals and families purchase homes that are two to three times a household’s annual income. Keeping this in mind, the level of money that can be borrowed is contingent on a multitude of factors including history of employment, levels of debt, your credit, and how much you can afford for a down payment on your house. Many programs are offered to those who are purchasing homes for the very first time. Mortgage Xpress can help you determine the perfect mortgage for the perfect house.

How will I know which mortgage is the right one for me?

Since there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question, it is important to consider a few things such as how long you are planning to live in a certain house and where you are currently with your finances. Our job is to help you look at every option there is and determine which one makes the most sense for you.

What exactly does a mortgage entail?

Mortgages are usually split into three separate...


Whether it is your first time buying or your fifth, these resources are bound to help you further understand the process. At Mortgage Xpress, we are constantly finding and sharing resources we believe can better educate our clients as they make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Understanding the Buying Process

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